Kata Lain Agreement

In addition to the « agreement, » you may be looking for explanations for the following words: While others may be unpleasant phrases « I wouldn`t say that, » « I don`t think so » (I don`t think so) and « I can`t agree with you » (I can`t agree with you). In part, approval is an expression of the approval of an opinion, but not quite, there are points that can deviate from what others say. The chord consists of 9 characters starting with the a sign and ending with the t sign with 4 vowels. Sena: Did you hear that song? Terry: This song? Oh, yes. It`s very beautiful. Sena: That`s it! I`ve been hearing that all day. Terry: Yes, the singer can sing well and the lyrics are touching. Sena: I absolutely agree! I think this song deserves to be the best song of the year. Terry: But singer A also released a great song last month, people probably like it better.

Sena: I don`t think so. I see a lot of people on social media who say that song B is more of an earworm. Terry: Really? Song B is expected to be awarded this year. Below is a translation of the meaning of the agreement in Indonesian in the Franco-Indonesian dictionary: Today, mobile phones are very important for almost everyone, including us as students. Gaby: Yes, I agree! You can do a lot of things with a cell phone. Rio: I think schools should allow students to carry mobile phones to school. Gaby: I`m not sure. We need a laptop, but I think we can only use it at home.

Rio: Sometimes teachers give us a difficult task, so maybe we can use our phones to find answers on the Internet. Gaby: I know what they mean, but students can use it for other things that may not be related to lessons or tasks. Rio: That`s right. But we need him to call our parents. Gaby: We can ask the teacher to call the parents. Don`t worry, Rio. You could say words like »I think… Use. (I thought…) « I feel…

(I think…) and other expressions to start our opinions. Some of the other concurring expressions are « I think too, » « It`s definitely » (for sure), « That`s what I think, » and others. To use a few agreed or un agreed phrases in English. You may be able to figure out how to use other phrases by doing daily exercises. This theme will really help your conversation in English especially for those who like to chat or chat. Example 2Sena: Have you heard this song? Terry: This song? Oh, yes. That`s really good. Sena: That`s it! I played this song most of the day. Terry: Yes, the singer can sing well and the lyrics are touching.

Sena: That`s all I could say! I think this song deserves the best song of the year. Terry: But singer A also released a great song last month, maybe people like that song more. I don`t think so. I saw on social media that people were saying that B`s song was more slapping. Terry: Really? If so, B`s song could receive an award this year. Here is how to approve and contradict, as the British Council has reported: the point of approval must be approved when not approving, no argument or opinion is true. . The way people express their disapproval or consent in an argument or discussion varies by language. If you reach an agreement or disagreement, this usually happens when you have an argument or even a regular discussion with your friend. In English, there are individual ways of disapproving and disapproving.

Once you know what phrases can be used to accept or disagree, let`s see if you can use them.