Agreement To Reimburse

(b) Under no circumstances can the amount repaid under this agreement exceed US$1 million per year without the additional written agreement of Apple`s Board of Directors. o) Survival. All insurance, guarantees, agreements and agreements in Sections 4, 7, 8 and 9 contained in this Agreement apply after the expiry or termination of this Agreement. Contract Officer Office of Sponsored Programs Boise State University 1910 University Drive Boise, ID 83725-1135 Email: Phone: (208) 426-4420 Fax: (208) 426-1048 (2) Full Agreement, Changes and amendments: This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the contracting parties and replaces all previous treaties, agreements or agreements, written or written, concluded by the parties on the purpose of this agreement, unless it is included in Appendix B, a list of associated agreements attached to it and inserted into it by this reference. Any amendment to this agreement is only valid if it is signed in writing by the authorized representatives of the parties. (a) Apple must reimburse jobs related to its use of the aircraft during the life of Apple`s business travel the following amounts (called cumulative « refunds ») within 30 days of receiving a job bill or its representative regarding this use: B. TERME: This agreement enters into force from [DATE] and ends with [DATE], unless it is terminated earlier, as foreseen or renewed by written agreement of the parties (the « duration »). 1. Reimbursement of airfare. Subject to these conditions, Apple undertakes to reimburse jobs during the lifetime (as defined below) of its aircraft as part of its trip to Apple stores. Jobs` aircraft is identified as a Gulfstream V aircraft bearing serial number 586, the Federal Aviation Administration`s N2N registration number. (13) Order of classification: in the event of a conflict within this agreement (including all exhibits) and/or between the text of this agreement and all documents and/or arrangements in descending order, the order of precedence applies in descending order of service, in the event of a conflict within the framework of this agreement (including all exhibits) and/or between the text of this agreement and all documents and/or arrangements attached to it, referring to (i) A paragraphs 1 to O of this agreement; (ii) Appendix A of this agreement; and (iii) Appendix B of this agreement. C.

PAYMENT; INVOICES: Given the performance of the university of services, the promoter undertakes to reimburse the university for all reasonable and reasonable costs incurred up to the agreed amount of [AMOUNT] (« overall contract price »). The total price of the contract may be changed by a written amendment to this agreement signed by both parties. The university will send sponsorship invoices at least quarterly and not more often than monthly, and the sponsor agrees to pay the university within thirty (30) days of receipt of these invoices. The university`s contract representative must be contacted for all administrative aspects of the agreement, including, but not limited, to amendments, and he is entitled to negotiate agreements and amendments on behalf of the university. L. TERMINATION: Any party may, without cause, terminate this agreement in writing after at least sixty (60) days issued in accordance with the provisions of this agreement. The termination of this contract does not absolve part of its obligations before the termination date. Following the early termination of the agreement by the proponent, the promoter will bear all costs incurred by the university at the time of termination, including, but not limited to non-revocable obligations, for the duration (including all staff appointments incurred prior to the effective date of termination).