Gas And Lng Sales And Transportation Agreements

Mixing, allocation, allocation D: LNG TRANSPORT27. Shipment of LNG28. The interfaces of the Charter Festival and the SPA PART E: COMMON COMPONENTS29. Invoicing, payment 30. Quality specifications31. Off-specification gas and LNG32. Measure33. Facilities34. Maintenance35. Force majeure36. Liability, restriction37. Transmission, third-party service, control38.

Resignation39. Dispute Settlement40. Other provisions SECTION IIRegistering A – Proforma Gas Sales Memorandum of UnderstandingAppendix B – Proforma Gas Sales AgreementAppendix C – Proforma Gas Transportation Memorandum of UnderstandingAppendix D – Proforma Gas Transportation AgreementAppendix E – Additional Drafting Alongside the development of expertise, the academic and technical literature in this field continues to grow. Among other books from the region, two new books on different aspects of LNG have been published in recent months.