Fpl Interconnection Agreement

The connection is the last step of the solar installation and the act of connecting your solar modules to the grid. This issue is dealt with at the state level and by utility. To connect to Florida Power and Light`s power grid, customers must comply with both state and LPM rules, including: no, systems using inverters listed in U.L. 1741 do not require a manual visual load separation switch next to the meter. All non-inverter based systems (animals 1, 2 and 3) need this switch. For more information, see the current net metering policies and interconnection agreement. Accumulators continuously connected to the electricity supplier Customers must inform customers of battery systems installed without a renewable generation system and connected to the grid for charging from the grid and operation. FPL should develop a standard application for interactive batteries to collect information on such installations. If a customer does not intend to export electricity to the electricity grid, no interconnection contract is required. Net Metering is a program that allows customers to connect authorized renewable generation systems to the power grid and provide electricity to their home or facility, allowing them to avoid buying that energy from their power distribution company. .