Fishpond Lease Agreement

It is illegal for any person who has not acquired emphyteutic rights from an assignee or assignee under the rules provided for by BFAR to use or occupy fishing ponds within the scope covered to another person. (b) the Fishpond lease form duly concluded and duly recognised before a notary; (g) the occupation or introduction of improvements in the requested area, without a pond lease contract; and (b) adverse demands or protests. – any person with an unfavourable right or protest in the area subject to an application for a twenty-five (25-year) fishing pond lease must file his application or protest with the Bureau within thirty (30) days of its notification, failing which such a right or protest will not be taken into consideration. SECTION 16. Cash deposit. – before a lease is concluded, the applicant is required to file a cash loan with the office or its regional offices as a guarantee in good faith when submitting the application and satisfactorily complying with the laws, rules and rules in force in the field of fisheries, as well as the conditions of the lease. The cash obligation must be at the rate of one hundred pesos (P100.00) per hectare or fraction thereof: however, provided that after five (5) years the lessee has fully opened the territory and produced it on a commercial scale and has satisfactorily satisfied all the requirements and conditions of the lease agreement, the director may credit them for the payment of annual rents.