Faculty Agreement

An overview of the collective agreement between the UBC Faculty Association and UBC and links to articles included in this collective agreement. 20.09 – With the agreement of the member concerned and in accordance with the guidelines and procedures that exist within departments or other units to create a normal teaching burden and to create a normal academic administrative burden, the dean can approve or approve: the collective agreement between UBC and the UBC Faculty Association has been ratified by the UBC Board of Governors and the faculty UBC. 14.22 – When a member is appointed to one of the excluded positions mentioned in the clarification letters and certificates in Schedule II or a position excluded from the bargaining unit under the provisions of the Trade Union Act, that person has the right to return to the bargaining unit after the termination of the excluded designation. The president and president of the association or their designated members review all appointments of members to new positions that may lead to their exclusion from the bargaining unit. Any agreement resulting from such discussions is confirmed in writing. 23.09 – The member notices, directly or through the association`s agency, a fee charged to third parties who wish to use works registered under the conditions indicated in point 23.08. If it is not possible to reach agreement on such a levy within thirty days of a Member`s request, an appropriate fee is set by the Patent and Copyright Committee established in accordance with point 23.13. 32.17 – The Board of Directors may enter into an agreement with a member with a mandate, appointment without a mandate or other activity that wishes to terminate his or her employment at Dalhousie, which has no alternative employment and whose dismissal is consistent with the academic needs of the program and the financial interests of the university. The possibility of such a scheme may be subject to informal review, but any notification prior to a formal application does not affect the member and the board of directors. 14.16 – The parties agree that section 14 includes all categories of temporary appointments. See also the letters of intent (Annex IV). In all cases where CBA approval or refusal is required, a member will only take office if the parties` agreement is confirmed in writing or by e-mail by the two co-chairs and then ratified by the parties.