Aircraft Finance Lease Agreement Sample

Question: When an aircraft is leased through a 5-year lease, the total value of the leased aircraft can be as high as $5 million, with a payment of $1 million per rental year; and at the end of the 5-year term, the lease can be extended by $5 million for an additional 5 years. How should the value of the aircraft be accounted for in international trade statistics: as a good or service (because it is leased)? And should the transaction be entered only once (and, if necessary, revised) at the full value of the total term of the lease? (a) subject to the following conditions, the lessor agrees to lease to the tenant and the tenant agrees to bind the aircraft, including the aircraft, engines and all of the supporting equipment (hereafter referred to as « airplane ») described in Schedule A, and the tenant agrees to lease the aircraft, including the aircraft, engines and all of the apartment on-board equipment (hereafter referred to as « aircraft »). leasing of an aircraft would normally be leased as part of a lease and, therefore, recorded in the trade in goods (see points 1.28 and 1.29 of LAIMTS2010 below) and excluded from trade in services (see MSITS2010, paragraph 3.249, below), since it is a loan from the lender to the taker that appears in the international investment position. (g) Lessee is able to pursue the lease for a secondary period for a payment substantially below the market value. (d) the registration and execution of documents by the lessor are not at the centre of concerns: (i) in violation of decisions, orders, laws or regulations applicable to the tenant or a provision of the foundation certificate or tenant`s statutes; or (ii) result in a violation of a late event or the creation of a pledge, commission, interest on property or other charge related to a mortgage, act of trust, bank credit or credit agreement or any other instrument (other than the lease) in which the tenant participates. (d) at the beginning, the present value of lease payments is essentially the total value of the asset; or (c) the lessor has the right to be entitled to any proceeds from the sale, lease or other disposition of the aircraft, if any, and has the right to apply it in the following order of priority: (i) to bear all costs, costs and expenses of the lessor related to the performance of his rights under the lease agreement or the assumption , the distance and operation of repair, sale, leasing or any other disposal of the aircraft; (ii) to the extent that the tenant has not paid in advance, to pay the landlord all the sums earned by the tenant under the tenancy agreement; (iii) to reimburse the tenant all amounts prepayed by the tenant as liquidated damages; and (iv) the surplus is paid to the tenant. The tenant must immediately pay for any defects of i) and (ii). (1) Extension option: extension of the rental period of an additional twelve (12) months (the « extending period ») to a monthly rent amount to be paid late on the same day of each month in which the basic rent was paid and calculated as a product (i) the costs of the investor, the periods (ii) of a rental factor calculated by the lessor , if the cost of the investor`s capital is highest, a product corresponding to the amount required to fully repay the balance of the unpre amortized principal (as defined in the amortization table attached to Schedule 1) (from the expiry date of the second extension period), as well as interest at the maturity rate (see Appendix B). , in twelve (12) same monthly payments.