Work Completed Without Party Wall Agreement

One way or another, this may mean that surveyors will be involved retroactively as soon as all or certain work has been done. If « hearing » work is still to be carried out, communication may (and should) be communicated on this aspect of the work. I have a problem. In 2010, the owner of the adjacent apartment completed a loft extension. He did not involve me in the discussion with his planned work and did not give a communication on it. Once the work was completed, he left the UK and left his apartment. Shortly after the apartment was rented – about 3 months ago, cracks occurred on my side of the wall that ran from the top of the house to the ground floor. Then, in 2011, between the rents, the owner of the apartment repaired his side of the wall – again, large cracks had appeared, from the top of the house to the ground floor – in exactly the same place as on my side. in 2010, we sought damages.

He objected, although he accepted responsibility. We wanted a party surveyor to assess the damage, but he refused and said he would use his own general surveyor. It is not surprising that this report acknowledges that some of the damage was caused by the work done. Over time, the damage has worsened further and the cost of repairing our site has doubled. We are still trying to get him to accept the payment. He has tenants in the apartment. The most affected room is a studio that we used to rent. Obviously we can`t do that because the room is damaged. How can we get compensation for repairs and loss of rental income? I`m considering a CCJ now, but how can I impose it? I was hoping for some advice (I know this site does not give legal advice). That`s how we carried out a loft renovation in 2012. We got convention agreements with most of the neighbors, but not all seven (we lived in a masionette). We didn`t have a PW contract with the ground floor apartment next door, which I wanted.

We moved and rented the apartment. We got a letter from them a few months ago saying that our work caused damage to the gutter, which then caused moisture in their apartment in the vestibule, 3 years after the end of our work. They claim they couldn`t get us (they had our contact information and we got emails) and they ask us to pay thousands to repair the gutter, repair the wet and lost rent when their tenants moved. Note that they did the work before consulting us. I am 100% sure that the gutter problems were there before doing the work, and the tenants long complained about the humidity and were ignored before leaving. We are trying to get the old tenants, but no luck at the moment. Are we responsible? If you need more information about the need to use party wall notes, please contact us.