Utilities Framework Agreements

Public sector organizations looking for a cost-effective and efficient way to acquire our energy management services and solutions can do so through a series of framework contracts and dynamic purchasing systems (DPS). Apollo Energy, which is relevant to public sector organisations that comply with EU procurement rules, has concluded four-year framework agreements to manage the tendering process efficiently and simply. National Framework Agreement on the Supply of Electricity for the Scottish Public Sector. Our Office service provides organizations with competent management of the energy portfolio, well-maintained data, accurate validation of electricity bills and maximum cost-effectiveness, and is available to NHS Trusts and public sector organizations through this framework. Note: it is the responsibility of any purchasing organization that wishes to use the framework agreement to ensure that it has the right to do so. Over the past few years, we have successfully used Apollo Energy to obtain all energy contracts under the OJEU framework. In addition to auditing and advice, Apollo Energy has also… In order to avoid lengthy procurement processes, which can often limit purchasing decisions, these purchasing frameworks and systems can be used by UK public sector organisations, including public authorities, health and social protection services, education, decentralised administrations, emergency services and defence. If you are not registered for access to this site and you have the right to use the framework, please complete the attached template and send it to procurementutilities@gov.scot Guidance for public bodies for use of the framework. Apollo Energy manages its own four-year framework contracts for energy and water supply to streamline the tendering process for public sector customers. The energy category nepo has a set of energy solutions accessible to all UK authorities. Everyone can be used independently or, when implemented together, provide a one-stop shop for the provision of supply and other ancillary energy services. All NEPO solutions have been obtained in a PCR-compliant public procurement regulation, and each currently has a wide range of benefits for a wide range of public sector organizations.

Framework agreements are designed flexibly, allowing them to meet the tailored requirements of different customers. They offer direct and immediate access to a complete and professional service, each consistently offering value for money and achieving significant financial savings. As part of the agreement, public bodies must also provide location data in the format required in electricity contract data models. Public bodies with access to the national electricity contract must submit a signed agency agreement to Scottish public procurement. Providing electricity and additional services, such as. B Automated Meter Reading (AMR), consumption reduction services and energy supply from renewable sources. Our suite of energy and sustainability consulting, outsourced offices and software services is available to public sector organizations through the Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) Heat Networks and Electricity Generation Assets (HELGA), which allows us to help the industry achieve its zero goals. Management of energy needs and production services provided through a flexible, user-friendly and OJEU-compliant dynamic purchasing system.com. The framework documents, including the delivery agreement and the EDF Energy Operational Process manual, are in the Knowledge Hub. The agency agreement is listed in Appendix A of the buyer`s guide. The form for the buyer`s guide and the form for supplements for the site supplements are attached below.

Fraser Williamson Senior Portfolio Specialist Email: Fraser.Williamson2@gov.scot Phone: 0141 242 0206 Mobile: 07387 230 258 Discover a range of solutions to develop the charging infrastructure of electric and hybrid vehicles with this dynamic purchasing system (DPS).