Medical Equipment Loan Agreement

This agreement allows the free use of the devices in a customer`s home. We have updated our loan agreement. The amendments to the agreement generally seek to clarify the responsibilities of equipment provided by the trust`s assisted technology team. This means specifying that a designated representative can sign this agreement. This loan agreement describes our responsibilities and the responsibilities of the person using the equipment. This loan agreement covers all situations in which we provide equipment. The loan agreement defines the terms of a contract between the client and the Assisted Technology team of the Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (trust). – You understand that we are only responsible for the equipment we install, not the devices that work in relation to the devices we install, but which are installed by someone else. The customer is responsible for the maintenance of the equipment and this includes the backup of personal data or other data stored on the device, such as photos.B. The assisted technology team is responsible for keeping the devices in order.

– to clarify that we are not responsible for the use of the Internet on the device. – we have specified that we will back up the AAC or EC software as part of the device`s maintenance, but not any other personal data stored on the device. – I should point out that the trust is the owner of the equipment that we have made available.